Big Ron‘s Shred Pedal

Beer gut so big that you can’t see your feet? The only thing you’ve been lip stalling lately is 12 packs of Busch? No need to stress, you can still shred the streets but this time you can do it with an American V8 doing all that stupid exercise for you! These are 9”x3” and have a universal fit, drill 2 holes through your pedal and bolt this little dude on and you’re ready to party. May require some creative thinking to attach to your car but I assure you they make more sense than the originals! But don’t put them on your car because it’s an art piece meant to be hung on the wall.  Hardware included.     $75 USD       *Disclaimer: This is a novelty product, it is not D.O.T approved. Use at your own risk. This product is not intended for use on a motor vehicle.