Spring time of grade 12 I spent every spare moment in the garage building up a 1969 Chevelle that I scored for a song. A lot of dreaming went on in that garage, dreaming and drinking that is, with good ‘ol Skynyrd as the soundtrack.

By late summer that year I was itching to get out. I’d just seen Easy Rider for the first time and the open road was calling my name. Turns out it was calling a few of my friends as well. None of us had decent cars and “Roxanne”, my Chevelle, wasn’t quite ready to do that kind of mileage so we made our way down to the car lot looking for a highway companion.

Then we found what we had come for. Bathing in the sun on that summer day was “Bertha” (later to be renamed “The Party Vanimal”) a Dodge Maxi-Van equipped with more aftermarket gauges and teak than a Saudi Princes yacht. She wasn’t a tiny lady by any measure, but that just meant more room for activities!

We pointed that girl south and let that big 360 Mopar wind out. We blasted through wine country with Led Zeppelins “Tangerine” setting the mood (Yes, I specifically remember this) as I meticulously cleaned my new ‘tobacco’ pipe I picked up at a thrift store to pass the time. We made it to San Fransisco the last week of August and spent a good deal of time on Haight St. meeting all types of new folk I never even imagined had existed. The world had just grown a little bigger…and radder.

One fellow was kind enough to let us in on his secret van camping spot at the Berkeley Marina. He said if we made it into the hotel next door and went up into the conference room on the second floor there was a fridge stocked with free food. He was right… Thanks Brother!

Anyways, I`m rambling, but I love Harleys, Vans, American Muscle Cars and making crazy stuff out of metal. So when you take all those things and put them together something like Big Rons is what you get!

I hope y’all dig what I’m doing and thanks for stopping by!